1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health announces Care Coordination Agencies to join Community Care HUB; Introduces Newly Certifiable Workforce to Cambria/Somerset Counties

JOHNSTOWN – The 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health, established through a partnership between 1889 Foundation and the Jefferson College of Population Health, has selected three Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs) to partner with the Community Care HUB (HUB).

The 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) seeking agencies to provide care coordination services to individuals in Cambria and Somerset counties utilizing the nationally-recognized Pathways Community HUB model.

The RFP review committee, consisting of community representatives, selected the following local agencies as HUB CCAs: Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy; Beginnings, Inc.; and Community Action Partnership.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent impact on particularly vulnerable populations requires a comprehensive, community-based approach to health now more than ever. The Center is implementing the nationally-recognized Pathways Community HUB (HUB) model to enhance community-based care coordination and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) intervention efforts to impact the health outcomes of our most vulnerable residents.

“We are excited to introduce the nationally-recognized Pathways Community HUB model to the community, to help address the needs of individuals at most risk and improve their health outcomes,” said Jeannine McMillan, Executive Director Community Care HUB at the 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health.

A HUB is an organized, outcome focused, network of Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs) who hire and train community health workers (CHWs) to reach out to those at greatest risk. The HUB helps to coordinate community resources to reduce the medical, behavioral and social barriers to care, such as employment, housing and transportation, for individuals with complex health needs.

“We welcome these three local agencies as the first CCA’s to partner with the Community Care HUB, and we’re excited to soon have community health workers in the community to help connect community resources to those who are most in need,” said Sue Mann, president of 1889 Foundation.

1889 Foundation has provided funding for the pilot initiative for six CHWs who will be employed by the CCAs and will follow the outcome-based Pathways structure. The HUB will provide training and support to the agencies and CHWs.

The initial priority population eligible for a HUB referral will include pregnant women living in the City of Johnstown eligible for or receiving medical assistance; and all pregnant women living in Cambria or Somerset counties who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

As of January 10, 2020, individuals in Pennsylvania can apply for Community Health Worker certification through the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Starting in 2021, individuals with on-the-job training and employer support can apply to be Certified Community Health Workers (CCHW) in Pennsylvania.

A Community Health Worker (CHW) is a trusted individual who contributes to improved health outcomes in the community and has a close understanding of the community served. This trusting relationship enables the worker to serve as a liaison between health/social services and the individual in order to facilitate access to services. CHWs serve the communities in which they reside or communities with which they may share ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, or life experiences.

Community Health Workers will be hired in May and June, and CHW training will follow. The Community Care HUB is set to launch in late summer 2020.

Learn more about the Community Care HUB here: https://www.1889jeffersoncenter.org/hub/ or email HUB@jefferson.edu.


About the 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health

The 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health was founded as a collaborative research and resource center focused on population health and disease prevention to benefit the citizens living in Cambria and Somerset Counties. The Center’s work focuses on identifying key contributing factors to poor health in the region and developing proactive and responsive strategies to address them.  The Center is the first of its kind established in a small rural community rather than a large metropolitan area. It is envisioned that the work of the Center will provide a national model of how population health interventions can work in rural communities.

About Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy

Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy (AUCP) is a 501c3 and nationally affiliated organization that provides in-home Service Coordination / Case Management services to individuals with all physical disabilities, the elderly, and those with Autism.  AUCP began as a grassroots organization in 1955 and today provides services to over 3,000 participants across 52 Pennsylvania counties. Their mission is to assist individuals with disabilities in meeting their basic needs, enhancing their quality of life, and promoting their independence, and to be active participants in the decision-making and direction of their services. AUCP has been a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) accredited agency since 2017.

About Beginnings, Inc.

Beginnings, Inc. has been a leader in the community for over 60 years, providing quality in-home services including Early Intervention for families and children with special needs PT, OT, SLP and the Parents as Teachers program, which utilizes parent educators who encourage families to lean on their strengths as a parent and develop confidence in their role as their child’s first and foremost teacher.

About Community Action Partnership

Community Action Partnership of Cambria County, a private, non-profit agency, provides a variety of diverse services in Cambria County including Early Childhood/Head Start, Medical Assistance Transportation, housing and utility assistance, veterans supportive services, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Women, Infant and Children’s nutrition education, breast feeding services and more.