COVID-19 Task Force

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CPH formed the Cambria-Somerset Covid Task Force to coordinate COVID-19 vaccinations and education across Cambria and Somerset counties. The first official meeting of the task force was held February 6, 2021. Attendees include healthcare providers, county representatives, community members, housing authority representatives, and community-based organizations. The task force remains open to any individuals or entities involved with vaccination endeavors across Cambria and Somerset counties.

The task force addresses a wide variety of topics, including vaccine scheduling, mass vaccination site logistics, public communications, vaccine education, Covid testing, and more.

To join the Task Force or for more information, please email

COVID-19 Guidance

Visit Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC for updated information and guidance about COVID-19.

Informational Videos

Dr. Jill Henning and Jeannine McMillan

PA State Rep. Jim Rigby

Joel Landis

Art Martynuska


Dr. Matthew Perry

Rev. Sylvia King

Dr. Zain Ayaz

Dr. Jill Henning

Pamela Tokar-Ickes

Dr. Matt Tracey

Mike Alberts

Dr. Jeanne Spencer

Jerry Moschgat

Bill Kurtycz

James Yoder

Dr. Amy Arcurio

Amy Bradley and Ron Aldom

Jeannine McMillan

Jeff Vaughn and Dave Mrozowski

Colleen Tretter

Tom Bender

Dr. George Garrow

Terri Gritzer

Natalie Kauffman

Alyce Palko

Allie Byers

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