The Community Care HUB Advisory Committee, which will hold its inaugural meeting on November 18th, is tasked with providing oversight and guidance to the Community Care HUB initiative. The purpose of the Committee is to guarantee standardized processes and to ensure all community stakeholders are involved to help address whole-person care for HUB participants.

Members are expected to serve as advocates for the HUB’s mission, and as such, responsibilities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure the Community Care HUB (HUB) model understands and meets the needs of those who are at risk
  • Ensure the HUB model leverages existing community resources
  • Ensure the HUB model seeks to add value to the community
  • Providing feedback on HUB implementation and processes, identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Review data collection reports
  • Assist with identifying potential future target populations
  • Identify gaps and roadblocks to community resources
Members of the inaugural HUB Advisory Committee include:
  • Carmella Walker, PhD (NAACP Johnstown, Alternative Community Resource Program)
  • Carol Harding, RN (Moxham Lutheran Church)
  • Richard Lobb (Goodwill of the Southern Alleghenies, Hope 4 Johnstown)
  • Shelby Shane (Salvation Army Dental Clinic)
  • Yvette Madison (Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Hope 4 Johnstown)
  • Barbara Duryea (Conemaugh Diabetes Institute)
  • Bruce Duke, MD
  • Cait Farber, (HUB Community Health Worker/Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy)
  • Flor Hernandez, (HUB Community Health Worker/Beginnings, Inc.)
  • Michele Moss, (HUB Community Health Worker/Community Action Partnership of Cambria County)
  • Paula Eppley-Newman (Executive Director, Beginnings, Inc.)
  • Jeff Vaughn (Executive Director, Community Action Partnership of Cambria County)
  • Tammy Rhoades (Executive Director, Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy)