In an effort to coordinate Covid-19 vaccination roll-out across Cambria and Somerset Counties, representatives from various sectors have come together to form the Cambria/Somerset Covid-19 Task Force. The first official meeting of the task force was held on February 16. Attendees of the first meeting included healthcare providers, county representatives, community members, housing authority representatives, and community-based organizations. The task force remains open to any individuals or entities involved with vaccination endeavors across Cambria and Somerset counties.

Members of the task force hope to coordinate existing vaccination efforts across sectors and reach the most at-risk and vulnerable residents in both counties, including those over age 65, those with medical conditions, and those lacking transportation or internet services. Topics that will be addressed by the task force include vaccine scheduling, mass vaccination site logistics, public communications, vaccine education, and more.

The task force will continue to convene weekly via Zoom on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 a.m. and is actively seeking new members from the public sector, private sector, and the community. Anyone involved or looking to be involved with vaccine coordination, planning, or communications can attend. For more information or to join the task force, please email Jeannine McMillan at or call at 814-535-5156.