The 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health attended a community health fair at FWA Gym at 200 Lincoln Street in Johnstown November 6. Gym owner Oscar Cashaw and FWA tutor and community member Karen Carter Brandon, along with clinical support manager at Conemaugh Health System Barbara Duryea, joined forces to sponsor the event.

After talking about holding an event to bring light to diabetes for National Diabetes Month, which is November, Brandon and Duryea decided the gym was the perfect place to host the health fair. With his deep ties to the community, Cashaw agreed, and the health fair planning began.

According to Duryea, the health fair had the largest turnout she had ever seen.

“It was a fantastic turnout,” said JCPH communications coordinator Allison Byers. “Hopefully, we can all work together in the future to plan more health fairs for the community.”

Almost 50 people attended from noon to 2 p.m., with most of them receiving the COVID-19 booster shot and a few receiving their first dose. The vaccines were provided by Richland Family Health Center.

The attendees had the opportunity to learn more about JCPH, learn more about the Diabetes Prevention Program and get screened for the disease.