If you are a Pennsylvania Community Health Worker employer, please complete this 5 minute survey related to CHW financing developed by the PA CHW Task Force Billing, Reimbursement and Sustainability Committee. The committee would like as many CHW employers to participate as possible to ensure there is accurate representation of how CHWs are currently funded across PA. Only one representative from your organization should complete the 5-minute survey no later than March 21st.

Currently, there are 555 Certified Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Pennsylvania. The number of CHWs is quickly growing, which means the need for sustainable funding is also growing for this critical workforce. The survey will inform the development of an executive summary advocating for the sustainable financing of community health workers in Pennsylvania.

Once the survey period is completed, the Southwest PA CHW Collaborative, PA CHW Task Force, and PA CHW Association will collectively draft the document with the opportunity for others to provide feedback. The executive summary will then be accessible to all for individual and collective use.

Please share the survey widely with other PA CHW employers in your network.