How has being a part of the Community Care HUB benefited your school district and students?

We have seen a renewed collaboration with parents and guardians that have improved overall attendance and academic grades. Also, Community Care HUB has provided resources and connections in the community to our families, as well as the “know how…” to obtain basic needs.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with the HUB staff and CHWs.

Our experience has been first class! Phenomenal staff and CHWs who truly have a passion for their positions. The staff is accessible and provides us with nothing but excellence. The HUB staff and CHWs remain constantly in touch with one another and us to ensure the success of our students and their families.

Would you recommend the HUB to other families who need assistance?

Absolutely! This is a program that is definitely built on excellence. It allows families an opportunity to truly be a part of a village and gives them the tools needed to become productive citizens. It is imperative that programs such as the HUB exist in order for those who are “stuck” and perhaps have no direction to gain access to pathways of opportunity.

Is there anything you’d like to add or anything you think we might have missed?

The feedback that I receive from our families is one of inspiration and appreciation toward the Community Care HUB and the CHWs.

Granted, we have families that desire the HUB, but their dedication to staying with it does not mature. The barrier that some of our families possess is not wanting anyone to come into their home, unfortunately.

This program, without question, has been one of the most productive resources in my 30 years of education…A must for ALL.